Monday, April 4, 2011

Ten years ago around this time something sparked in me.
I had just had Emree in December. I was back to my regular weight, but
wanted to do better.

I became a mad woman.

I taped pictures from the SI Swimsuit magazine, that usually got tossed,
all over the house (in the cabinets, the fridge, even the freezer)....Joey probably didn't mind this part.

I followed the Zone diet, which is basically eating lean meats and veggies and cutting out sugar and white carbs. I did allow myself to have one and only one Hershey's Treasure Toasted Coconut (do they even make those anymore?) a day.
And I began running.

The SI pictures didn't last, and the diet did it's job, but really who could keep that up?

Running is what I kept.

It dawned on me today that it is my ten year anniversary of running.
I have been consistent with it, minus being pregnant and recovering.
It's funny to think back of how far I use to run, what I use to wear, and how fast I ran.

I have been able to clear my head, plan parties, write talks, think of what I should have said in an argument, think of ways to parent better,
cry, laugh, dance, and
bond with the dog all while running.

I have run two marathons, one half, a 15k, a 10k, and many many 5ks.
I run a minimum of 6 miles on a weekday and I do 10 on Saturday.
I wake up early and do it in the dark.
I see shooting stars almost every morning (who doesn't want to wake up to that?!)
I get to run through walls of garbage smell (on garbage days), orange blossoms, jasmine, and the smell of sprinklers on.
I've had a couple things that have hurt, but nothing major (knocking on wood right now.)
I have had encounters with a bull mastiff, a hog, and swallowing bugs.
I have had rough runs where I pooped my pants (seriously, isn't that disgusting?! tmi??...sorry)
and I've had great runs where I really feel like I could run all day.

Happy anniversary to me.
I'm going to go kiss my running shoes.


  1. you are super woman! you should buy yourself something for your anniversary.

  2. haha. TMI! Congratulations, you're amazing.