Thursday, March 31, 2011

In a Frenzy!!

I love to shop....
and when it's a bargain, steal of a deal, mega clearance, amazing sale, it is like a drug for me.
Clothes, shoes, parties, school supplies, gifts, thrift, garage sale, shop-shop-shopping.
I. Love. It. All....
except grocery shopping wasn't my favorite.... I mean it was alright, but nothing like a
Salvation Army on a 50% off Wednesday kind of rush.

And then I began
a few months ago...

Holy cow! I might need some sort of intervention for this!

This was this mornings run...
I spent $16.48 and saved $95.54.
And yes, that is TWO boxes of 82 count diapers in there!!

You know you want some of my .09 cent tomato sauce...or free crushed tomatoes...

And I just might have somewhere along the lines of 15 boxes of hot cocoa...assorted varieties, sugar free, marshmallow, and classic milk chocolate...

We will not even count how many boxes of cereal we now have...

or how many packs of m&m's .
Which were all completely free.
Please, don't judge me.

This particular run from a couple weeks ago came to a grand total of $10 and I saved $100!
Now, I wouldn't normally buy those M&Ms but I had a coupon for them and needed to use it to create an overage for my other items.

These are my favorite blogs about couponing

Get ready to get addicted!