Thursday, April 15, 2010

My heart hurts

I was blog hopping around 2 months ago and came across a blog. She had her youngest son who was 10 weeks old pass away in January. The words she writes about him and how she feels are amazing! She is a spiritual GIANT. I just visited her blog and she had the most beautiful post about Easter...
I had to share it HERE.

You will not have a dry eye watching the film...cuddle your babies after watching.


  1. This is the blog I was telling you about!! I started reading it right after she had the baby and when he got sick the first thing I would do every morning is check her blog. So sad. She really is amazing though. It's crazy how something so sad can be so uplifting to read. Total testimony strengthener. I love her!

  2. saddest thing ever. the video was gorgeous. i just want to give kisses and hugs to everyone i know. i love you eva and i love your kids and karen's girls and heather's kids and jack jack and louis ...